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Our innovation centre is an open system without barriers where any individual involved with or interested in the retail industry can voice their ideas. Talent can be found anywhere, and for that reason, our goal is to attract it to our environment in order to generate solutions.


We do all our research together with like minded people who share our interest in executing every project and work hard in order to achieve it, within an environment where everyone provides value to ensure that we are all winners.


We assess the needs in real environments and research specific solutions for implementation on the same environment where the needs have been detected.


Here you can know the different spaces that make up the T-ZIR, in the old station of Utrillas. Enter and discover them.
A multifunction, dynamic space available for all kinds of events, training activities or open innovation group dynamics.
A meeting room where we work together with the companies on the latest stages of the creative process, as well as monitoring the implementation of new ideas, new concepts, etc.
A room intended for collaborative immersion, in order to develop the initial stages of the creative process together with the companies. This is a room that provides focus and isolation for groups.
Multifunctional meeting room.
A space intended for leisure, rest and networking among users.
Crowdworking room. A wide working space to develop the acceleration process for all selected projects, with several working stations located across shared areas.

T-ZIR's blog will be available shortly.